Thursday, April 12, 2012

6 Key Tips for Success in Online Classrooms

Just as there are some tips for success in traditional classrooms, there are some key tips for successfully launching and continuing online classrooms. Both academic experts as well as corporate houses support the growing significance of online classes. They believe that internet-based classes can easily overcome the drawbacks associated with regular on campus classes.

In this article, I have tried to discuss the 6 key tips to achieve success with online classrooms.

Focus on Your Goals and Objectives

Ask yourself what you want to accomplish via these online classrooms. Try to focus on key areas which need to be addressed first and then create a list of online classroom courses and progress in a step-by-step fashion.

Utilize the Online Environment

Try and maximize utilization of the online, virtual environment. Besides, using the visual elements, add the audio and multimedia components to achieve greater success in creating and managing online classes. There are many software products available in the market that can help you to convert your regular offline classrooms into technologically advanced virtual classrooms.

Emphasize on Interactivity

Communication is one of the best ways to gain acceptance amongst students. Unlike traditional classrooms where you can see your fellow students and converse with them directly, online classes offer no such face to face interaction. In such circumstances, teachers should nurture more interactivity and togetherness amongst learners to let them feel comfortable in attending a virtual class. Through online forums, daily chats and emails, you can help them solve their doubts and in the process prepare them for various class activities.

Set High Expectations for Online Participation

Many people believe that online classrooms are not monitored properly. However, the time has come for you to prove these people wrong by carefully monitoring the progress of each class. Create high expectations by setting a deadline for submitting a specific project and informing students to follow the schedule as set by you. In this way, you can create more responsible students by integrating online activities in their daily learning schedule.

Encourage Group Discussions

Teachers should work towards encouraging group discussions amongst learners. Teachers can even invite a guest lecturer from a reputed school or college to conduct a learning session with the students. Create a virtual environment for the learners to freely discuss and chat about a specific lesson or an assignment.

Conduct Opinion Surveys

It is always good to gather feedback from students to know how far you have succeeded in fulfilling their expectations. In case you receive a negative opinion, improve on that area to meet the objectives.

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