Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's the Secret Behind the Rapid Success of Online Training Programs?

More and more companies are shifting towards introducing online training programs from the conventional model of offline face-to-face training sessions. It is important to find out why this sudden shift in learning patterns is showing a positive growth trend amongst organizations, irrespective of the size and complexity. It is because, as the industry experts and training organizers say, is due to a high amount of accessibility and flexibility to arrange training sessions as and when required.
Administrators don't have to search for a suitable location to hold the program nor do they have to hire external staff to manage registrations and look after similar administrative works. The new age online training programs can be organized in minutes using any computer with an internet connection. Potential trainees also find it extremely user-friendly in the sense they can attend a session from any corner of the world without thinking of travelling to venues and accommodation expenses.
Let's discuss the key benefits of arranging an online training session.
Anytime Access to Courses
Employees as well as customers can join a training session from wherever they are at present. Registrations can be done, 24x7. Again, individuals can send their registration fees online at a convenient time before the event day.
Automated Process
Starting from the registration process to fee collections can be managed over the internet. Hence, one does not need to worry about how he/she will single-handedly manage such a significant event. All registrant data (including all personal information and payment details) gets automatically collected and stored in the company central database for future reference.
Instant Delivery of Course Content
Trainers can instantly deliver a learning material or course content by uploading the same on his/her training website. Training attendees can then view this content or download any important document for future referrals.
Mixed-media Training Initiatives
Not only online training programs allow the usage of audio-visual elements, but they also encourage a blend of traditional face-to-face learning environment with a more advanced multimedia learning system. To be precise, you can easily arrange an onsite training program for a specific number of employees, making the registration process to be completed online. Another example can be introducing the Skype video conferencing facility to simultaneously arrange a training session at multiple locations.
Measure Learning Effectiveness
A trainer can measure the learning effectiveness of his or her attendees by conducting a post-training survey. Online surveying can be arranged quickly wherein you request all your participants to comment about the session and review its overall performance. You can generate survey forms online and upload the same on your website to let people fill it up at their convenience. You can even send the forms on their mobile devices (Smartphone, iPad, etc) to add more flexibility to the whole process.

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